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  • v1.1   v1.1 Changes: * add a Makefile for easy building * add a basic example in `examples/basic.tex` * s0artcl: - slightly decrease afterskip for subsubsections - move to `scrlayer-scrpage` for header/footer setup, and use `babel` to translate footer text - droidmono was renamed to droidsansmono - explicitely set subsubsection, paragraph and caption fonts * s0minutes: - fix double vim mode line - 15% gray is not visible when printed, use 40% gray instead - print date in original form containing month name - \meetingend: keep lead-out sentence and end time on the same page - minutes-m4rkup is dead, remove notice from documentation - break long lines in meeting info header
    31c597ca · release v1.1 ·
  • v1.0   v1.0 -- initial version