Commit b4d4dc1b authored by Chris Fiege's avatar Chris Fiege
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add package gluon-config-mode-contact-info

This is an upstream-package that adds a field to the config-mode page.
We have downstream changes on this packages that redirect the
contact-info into another field in uci.

This way the contact info is not published using respondd but can be
fetched using our contact-pull mechanism.
parent 8798dd38
......@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ GLUON_SITE_PACKAGES := \
gluon-config-mode-geo-location \
gluon-config-mode-hostname \
gluon-config-mode-mesh-vpn \
gluon-config-mode-contact-info \
gluon-web-admin \
gluon-web-autoupdater \
gluon-web-wifi-config \
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