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    modules: update LEDE · dce388fd
    Matthias Schiffer authored
    c3cdc53164 ag71xx: Fix rx ring buffer stall on small packets flood on qca956x and qca953x.
    e07ee06aad ar71xx: QCA956X: add missing register
    7bc25dfa63 mvebu: fix mvneta build with Linux 4.4.110
    541a1a7ff5 lantiq: activate noise margin delta for VDSL too
    dea8979a81 Lantiq: make possible to tweak DSL SRN from UCI
    9934231670 libubox: update to latest lede-17.01 git HEAD
    7f5a040359 kernel: update kernel 4.4 to version 4.4.110
    ddedcb19e5 brcm47xx: relocate the stack in loader
    da43069f5b brcm47xx: relocate loader to higher address
    f19416ae9d fstools: backport fix from master branch
    55c23e44f4 procd: update to latest git HEAD
    ffbbcc9b34 brcm47xx: image: build firmware for Asus WL-500g Deluxe
    0426596453 Revert "iptables: fix nftables compile issue (FS#711)"
    da126d557c iptables: fix nftables compile issue (FS#711)
    473e994571 rpcd: backport version 2017-12-07 from master
    b833944eb2 uci: update to HEAD of lede-17.01 branch
    dca4dfacf2 iproute2: cake: fix patch format error
    ee55629a30 kernel: bump 4.4 to 4.4.108 for 17.01
    c4e9487cf5 iproute2: cake: support new operating modes for 17.01
    4f1dca9eca kmod-sched-cake: bump to latest bake of cake for 17.01
    959a49dc15 ramips: fix widora neo diag led
    a1908023cc base-files: fix logic when to show failsafe banner
    1c9299877b base-files: set FAILSAFE in /etc/profile when /tmp/.failsafe exists
    2603c85060 wireguard: bump to 20171221
    f8a441e020 kernel: bump 4.4 to 4.4.107
    ceea0ac25d wireguard: bump to 20171211
    ebb54740c7 brcm47xx: remove target specific network preinit config
    b41d154f50 rules.mk: export TMPDIR
    e719a08cc1 usbutils: Update usb.ids file to latest
    4cfcfecf76 hostapd: remove unused local var declaration
    796bc21023 hostapd: don't set htmode for wpa_supplicant
    50147d41b9 libnl-tiny: use fixed message size instead of using the page size
    0625814426 packages: nvram: fix memory leak in _nvram_free
    0f175041ad mac80211: don't pass the hostapd ctrl iface in adhoc
    05f0fac189 hostapd: explicitly set beacon interval for wpa_supplicant
    7f78a86254 hostapd: set mcast_rate in mesh mode
    c315843f88 igmpproxy: remove firewall rules when service is stopped
    91e48304a9 openvpn: add support to start/stop single instances
    e5c284bb81 package/elfutils: add CFLAG -Wno-format-nonliteral
    dde29b2b01 tools/coreutils: install readlink
    2f75641b1f uhttpd: fix query string handling
    79024cd3be openssl: fix cryptodev config dependency
    bead60c2d3 uqmi: replace legacy command invoke with newer type
    5872c19c63 procd: Always tell cmake whether to include seccomp support or not
    cd901ef1a6 libunwind: disable building with ssp
    1aedf2f149 tools/squashfs: use host cflags
    7fa70027d4 ppp: make the patches apply correctly again
    d63eb474b3 ppp: fix compile warning
    9bd667fc24 dropbear: fix PKG_CONFIG_DEPENDS
    9d1bfb8f4d dropbear: make ssh compression support configurable
    ed4f4f1a8e procd: Install seccomp-trace symlink
    77e79b2dd0 openvpn: update to 2.4.4
    5beb0abc83 build: remove @ as it's causing an error
    eff1f7e7ef usbutils: avoid duplicating the git revision
    9cf371c1f4 dnsmasq: Pass TARGET_CPPFLAGS to Makefile
    2f80d84638 wwan: json format in some modem definitions
    c61cf4a447 base-files: add /etc/profile.d to conffiles
    bdc998c696 base-files: order conffiles alphabetically
    c58e824acc procd: mdns: Support txt values with spaces
    aaa73fea36 ar71xx: fix switch port numbering on RB750r2 and RB750UPr2
    b69ea02a00 scripts/dowload.pl: use glob to expand target dir
    80a22eee4b samba36: Remove syslog and load printers lines.
    71797b6eca samba36: Don't resolve interfaces.
    1458bc2d9c samba36: Remove guest ok since LuCI configures it.
    f0065554b2 config: make CONFIG_ALL_* select other CONIFG_ALL_* options
    2b88309335 nvram: add help message for nvram magic not found
    118a2ea0bc nvram: improve argument check when program start
    c446ee4ad4 nvram: add usage() function
    9e84d333b1 nvram: fix memory leak
    3b6b892d67 ca-certificates: Update to 20170717
    23b9dc2eca base-files: drop unused preinit_echo function
    ca7c9db47f tools/pkg-config: Update to 0.29.2
    75d8127338 base-files: suppress uci not found output in login.sh
    b616aa6db7 scripts/package-metadata.pl: inhibit compile deps on missing build types
    2e1a87a3e1 build: bundle-libraries.sh: do not override argv[0] in inner exec calls
    a37f8b0c6e samba36: Remove legacy options
    89c4f47caa scripts/download.pl: Adjust URLs
    338968a170 build: fix invocation of bundled ld.so in SDK and Imagebuilder
    0a976262a5 kmod-sched-cake: drop maintainer
    610e2afdcc zlib: use default Build/Configure rule
    cf11a41af6 lzo: use default Build/Configure rule
    c86490605c netfilter: add iptables-mod-rpfilter package
    ea23ba9a25 bzip2: add symlink to binary
    d413c75d24 dropbear: add option to set max auth tries
    8693ab5152 dropbear: server support option '-T' max auth tries
    0e6a6c8487 hostapd: configure NAS ID regardless of encryption
    ef3649d90e hostapd: add acct_interval option
    3027a68093 valgrind: bump to 3.13.0
    3129db331c busybox: backport 'ip rule suppress_{prefixlength, ifgroup}'
    86158ad37d libunwind: update to version 1.2.1
    59004433e9 imagebuilder: don't rewrite package list output
    74eeb07817 imagebuilder: clean package_list
    7f3f2bc03b build: remove old kernel-headers build directories
    c7234e3036 imagebuilder: add package_list function
    9c3e4b5434 base-files: board.json's switch reset means existence, not argument
    7d1f4073ce gdb: remove Build/Compile rule ; default one works
    9a99039989 rb532: enable high-res timers, refresh kernel config
    e802cbfc25 xburst: enable high-res timers, refresh kernel config
    e01367e3af kernel: add CONFIG_SCHED_HRTICK=y to the generic config
    6e1e2e7b96 package/grub2: update to 2.02
    13a5568d6e ip17xx: correct aneg_done return value
    816fb3433b mvswitch: fix autonegotiation issue
    41ee45428b ppp: propagate master firewall zone to dynamic slave interface
    a44c44077e usbmode: remove devices with unsupported modes
    e8bd0a606a tar: override symlink permissions
    59a1c1675d tools/sparse: Update to snapshot 2017-03-31
    a6e5943a2a elfutils: Pass -Wno-unused-result to silence warnings as errors
    08070221ed gcc: fix documentation entries added by 910-mbsd_multi.patch
    ef43c04c34 scripts/download.pl: print the command used to download files
    6e09b20563 tools/libressl: update to 2.5.4
    08be74f699 tools/isl: update to 0.18
    26ea59cd01 lldpd: bump to 0.9.7
    444b64f533 libunwind: update to 1.2
    e5612d6640 lantiq: spi: double time out tolerance
    28c350f2f0 base-files: fix default procd reload
    108a42bcba ramips: support jumbo frame on mt7621 up to 2k
    8d4c047dd1 lldpd: drop specific respawn params [use system-wide]
    8ee15ed61a elfutils: bump to 0.169
    9754a9c606 devel/trace-cmd: Update to 2.6.1
    79def69047 comgt-3g: enable modem before to setpin
    070463fb61 devel/strace: Update to 4.16
    67caf6bbce network/utils/ipset: Update to 6.32
    f0a493160c mac80211: gracefully handle preexisting VIF
    827f108b42 scripts: Probe external toolchains for libthread-db
    bb9eb2c96e build: new fixes for symlinked .config handling
    4607007a86 build: allow val.% targets to bypass the prepare steps
    90575776b7 x86: keep /boot mounted for kexec
    6b9eb0c73a hostapd: fix reload frequency change patch
    040ff6fdbd build: remove absolute path to perl and replace with /usr/bin/env perl
    98588273b1 kernel: allow selecting RTC drivers on targets without explicit RTC support
    f30114c7c4 dropbear: fix procd interface trigger install
    3e7f191008 include/packages-defaults.mk: Remove LARGEFILE option
    a1392e08c5 netifd: return error status in reload_service
    10182cb2c6 grub2: update to 2.02~rc2
    38ea91ea9a base-files: use restart if no reload hook for service
    9b24d99b91 iproute2: add libgenl.h and ll_map.h to InstallDev section
    94597229c3 busybox: fix installation of cron and ntpd scripts in the default config
    9ce30f7175 kernel: move initramfs's init script out of base-files
    c8a0f3aa29 target.mk: check that CPU_TYPE has known CPU_CFLAGS mapping
    977db9f08a scripts/download.pl: fix error message on hash mismatch
    7fb03d9610 netifd: fix fw3 warnings in dhcp script
    f69d73f1b2 build: allow specifying flow-control to grub on serial console
    91821c8c0b kexec-tools: get kexec running on MUSL and x86 hardware
    affff02798 busybox: don't install NTP scripts if NTP isn't configured
    7ccfa826ee ar8327: Add workarounds for AR8337 switch.
    0aafbf6c00 build: fix STAMP_PREPARED with quilt
    80304ace58 lantiq: remove lantiq_board_model, it is unused
    8be5b12ea1 lantiq: remove lantiq_board_name, use the generic function instead
    0f0d742ae3 lantiq: move lantiq_board_detect() to 03_preinit_board.sh
    f173464f13 base-files: add generic board_name function to functions.sh
    62a8252a0f mac80211: Fix race condition leading to wifi interfaces not coming up at boot sometimes.
    5f03ce1213 scripts: only generate config from feature flag if fully match
    f7f69130e5 lzo: Update to 2.10
    6ba0cc14e9 tools/coreutils: Update to 8.27
    100553d605 tools/libressl: Update to 2.5.1
    25fe034861 tools/dosfstools: Update to 4.1
    ed4976d884 tools/sed: Update to 4.4
    7263e3cdca lldpd: bump to 0.9.6
    3225fbfcbf x86: image: drop duplicated copy of bzImage into vmlinuz
    37aae44a47 libnl: Fix building with uClibc
    950439234e toolchain: add musl libc.so to external toolchain
    cfb5a550e4 iwcap: fix handling kill signal during dump
    1411493569 x86: image: drop unneeded grub call
    58e0c0feec x86: image: drop unused ROOTDELAY variable
    05f0b8d18b ccache: update to 3.3.4
    15efa09507 base-files: add submission service port
    56b9f0ffc0 procd.sh: use parameterized respawn values
    28c9731984 toolchain: Allow external toolchains to specify libthread-db
    2dd9b62f82 rssileds: Fix build with external toolchains
    2d31ec4c1b adb: Also pass TARGET_CPPFLAGS
    ec395eeb17 swconfig: Link with libubox
    c6dd059a9a px5g: Fix TARGET_LDFLAGS and add TARGET_CPPFLAGS
    12b811a609 omcproxy: Update to latest HEAD
    1e3ff02ea5 bsdiff: Also pass down TARGET_CPPFLAGS
    051a33e7c9 thc-ipv6: Allow overriding CFLAGS
    a91d8dd162 tools/m4: update 1.4.18
    acd481470c build: get rid of FIND_L from host.mk
    11cd6077ba build: unsilence move command
    903a404663 build: skip headers install and config on make target/linux/prepare
    a7fc27edce build: make Host/Install/Default use Host/Compile/Default with an extra argument
    94f079e338 build: Pass -iremap gcc option as a single argument
    3056122bf7 toolchain/gcc: parallelize make install
    a33b0ced78 toolchain/musl: parallelize make install
    1d0f7e3136 imagebuilder: make submake invocations less verbose
    bdb05f5ef5 gcc: remove obsolete uclibc patch
    90a43e508e toolchain/gcc: reduce source directory size by about 420 MB
    82615922b0 bcm53xx: suppress osafeloader info error messages during flashing
    c566a9e563 toolchain: Broaden the executable loader pattern
    3387158e45 build: Suffix build directory with _$(LIBC) for external toolchains
    2428b6d6b6 tools/sstrip: Fix compile under standard linux.
    50b478956a openssl: update to 1.0.2n
    135aa3ba7e base-files: upgrade: make get_partitions() endian agnostic
    207bcea1de cyassl: update to wolfssl 3.12.2 (1 CVE)
    3bb881862b mdadm: fix parameter quoting
    6c1b6e8221 mdadm: Fix config generation
    4fc0fb3ca3 mdadm: Do not check RUN_DIR
    157b892994 kernel: remove out of tree direct-io disable hack
    adc9f935c3 utils/mdadm: Update to 4.0
    8bf67f63b9 mdadm: extend uci config support
    4af145ea67 rules.mk: make PKG_CONFIG_DEPENDS properly track string values
    2b664499cd kernel: bump 4.4 to 4.4.103 for 17.01
    ed82c52a4a uqmi: also try newer pin verification
    b41a2e646e opkg: bump to version 2017-12-08
    f5f5f583f9 hostapd: backport fix for wnm_sleep_mode=0
    19ebc19f54 hostapd: Expose the tdls_prohibit option to UCI
    3590316121 dnsmasq: backport infinite dns retries fix
    060b7f1fbb curl: apply CVE 2017-8816 and 2017-8817 security patches
    4b5861c47d mt76: update to the latest version
    f19d47f848 tools: patch various gnu tools for macOS 10.13
    e5a10bc0fc samba36: backport an upstream fix for an information leak (CVE-2017-15275)
    d77fe9219a ramips: backport MT7628 pinmux fixes
    9601e6a0e2 ramips: add missing reset button for Nexx WT1520
    0946ec0f46 wireguard: bump to snapshot 20171127
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