Unverified Commit d9b4d162 authored by Matthias Schiffer's avatar Matthias Schiffer
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modules: update OpenWrt packages

6680ce865043 socat: Fix CRDLY, TABDLY and CSIZE shifts for PowerPC
09f9947f8347 sqm-scripts: Bump to v1.2.4
88db40cd2687 php7: update to 7.2.9
853f87a5f68e php7: add dependency to hash for mysqlnd
b2eda633962b libxml2: add cpe id for CVE tracking
84767508864e libxml2: fix CVE-2018-9251 and CVE-2018-14567
c696cc46009d net/mosquitto: update to 1.5.1
19e00979780d tiff: fix remaining CVEs
45ffcb3d6a99 unbound: drop odhcpd leases with wrong field count
251640ac95f7 ffmpeg: Add build overrides for some specific CPUs: Octeon, X86 and 24kf.
a64352cae065 ffmpeg: Add cpu_type to configure opts. Upgrade to 3.2.12
2db46d289c9e postgresql: security bump to 9.6.10
4f3f81b64f1d perl: version modules and non-base packages
bc6753832d30 mariadb: security bump to 10.1.35
1e5416bbd153 travelmate: update 1.2.2
d7bea561dc3c usbip: remove nonshared flag (#6681)
c875de62b36c perl: update to 5.28
53597cf64e00 travis: don't need git cloning progress
bae476afe568 isc-dhcp: write resolv.conf per network & dhcp settings
e9854d09f303 perl: build with -fno-strict-liasing and -fwrapv
af0ad2ce0d70 nut: Fix for nut-upsmon without nut-server
6a5a257fc057 nut: Update my email
41a9bf21f03c nut: Add PKG_FIXUP:=autoreconf
6576f7be9234 nut: added compatibility with openssl-1.1
edf11aaaeeba ddns-scripts[18.06]: bump to version 2.7.8-1
cb54af8d0d31 privoxy: fix uci configuration parsing after upstream OpenWrt changes
327a03e8f0c6 usbip: adapt package to new kernel/libudev
8f6157048f61 usbip: Remove obsolete patches
8bf5fc17db60 krb5: update to 1.16.1
59199e2534dd krb5: set replay cache directory to /tmp
14340062e3da krb5: update depends, adapt FS#1310
8a19a18c4545 travelmate[18.06]: backport release 1.2.1 to 18.06 branch
5e41db3de396 adblock[18.06]: backport release 3.5.4 to 18.06 branch
87b3ea5c8596 lxc: nl: avoid NULL pointer dereference
98822cd11d71 prometheus-node-exporter-lua: add conntrack collector
605acbbebe87 prometheus-node-exporter-lua: set myself as maintainer
44790e43cbef unbound: fix TLS override documentation
522800696de0 php7: update to 7.2.8
98edb6e210f7 php7: fix load order of mysqli extension
cdf150d0cae9 php7: update to 7.2.7
81332c47658b php7: add package dependency on zoneinfo-core
b65a759e8026 php7: use mysqlnd
7e33126dc040 php7: update to 7.2.6
ac5ee1ffb16e php7: replace libmysqlclient dependencies with libmariadbclient
fd57c8cfeb80 irqbalance: fix AARCH64 compilation
45f6a81fb235 simple-adblock: better download processing, luci-app integration, lists optimization, firewall integration
1fb64b107d79 slide-switch: update to latest version
parent 11281627
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ OPENWRT_COMMIT=13dccfc8e4e85821b72f46e5d9f839ad9f412ebb
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