Unverified Commit 897ee73d authored by Matthias Schiffer's avatar Matthias Schiffer
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gluon-mesh-batman-adv: respondd: remove incorrect field width limits

At least the ifindex and the flags fields can be larger than 0xff.

Fixes #1523
parent 1ef4eb49
......@@ -94,7 +94,7 @@ static struct json_object * get_addresses(void) {
if (sscanf(line,
" %*2x %*2x %*2x %2x %"STRINGIFY(IF_NAMESIZE)"s",
" %*x %*x %*x %x %"STRINGIFY(IF_NAMESIZE)"s",
&addr.s6_addr[0], &addr.s6_addr[1], &addr.s6_addr[2], &addr.s6_addr[3],
&addr.s6_addr[4], &addr.s6_addr[5], &addr.s6_addr[6], &addr.s6_addr[7],
&addr.s6_addr[8], &addr.s6_addr[9], &addr.s6_addr[10], &addr.s6_addr[11],
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