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config-mode: fix contact info script

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return function(form, uci)
local pkg_i18n = i18n 'gluon-config-mode-contact-info'
local site_i18n = i18n 'gluon-site'
if uci.get("parker", "owner") == nil then
uci.set("parker", "owner", "owner")
local help = site_i18n._translate("gluon-config-mode:contact-help") or pkg_i18n.translate(
'Please provide your contact information here to allow others to contact '
......@@ -22,8 +18,9 @@ return function(form, uci)
o.datatype = 'minlength(1)'
o.optional = true
function o:write(data)
uci:set("parker", "owner", "contact", data)
return {'gluon-node-info'}
return {'parker'}
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