Commit 6b7ce449 authored by Kasalehlia's avatar Kasalehlia
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config-mode: show mesh-vpn options if parker is used

parent 8bdae04b
......@@ -2,9 +2,10 @@ local unistd = require 'posix.unistd'
local has_fastd = unistd.access('/lib/gluon/mesh-vpn/fastd')
local has_tunneldigger = unistd.access('/lib/gluon/mesh-vpn/tunneldigger')
local has_parker = unistd.access('/lib/gluon/mesh-vpn/parker')
return function(form, uci)
if not (has_fastd or has_tunneldigger) then
if not (has_fastd or has_tunneldigger or has_parker) then
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