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drop unused code

parent 4870dc60
......@@ -47,55 +47,11 @@ def _findSingleSection(data, i, j, section, background):
def normalizeLine(sec):
"""tries to convert a section to a list of pixels following a line"""
# simple line
if len(sec) < 2:
return None
if len([p for p in sec if len(getAdjacent(sec,p)) <= 2]) is len(sec):
starts = [p for p in sec if len(getAdjacent(sec,p)) == 1]
if len(starts): #line has 2 ends
start = starts[0]
else: #line is circular
start = iter(sec).next()
line = [start]
while len(line) < len(sec):
line.append([p for p in getAdjacent(sec,line[-1]) if p not in line][0])
return line
#TODO not so simple lines
return None
def chunks(l, n):
"""splits an iterable into *n*-sized chunks"""
for i in xrange(0, len(l), n):
yield l[i:i+n]
def getAdjacent(section, target):
"""returns the adjacent pixels within the section for a target"""
if type(section) is set:
return [(target[0]+i,target[1]+j) for i in [-1,0,1] for j in [-1,0,1] if (target[0]+i,target[1]+j) in section and (i,j) != (0,0)]
elif type(section) is list:
index = section.index(target)
return [section[i] for i in range(len(section)) if abs(i-index) == 1]
def pixelByStiches(a,b):
"""returns a pixel identified by two stiches"""
diff = (a-b).abs()
if diff[0] in [0,1] and diff[1] in [0,1]:
return Tp(min(c,d) for c,d in zip(a,b))
return None
def crossPixel(pixel, corner):
"""takes a pixel and an adjacent stitch and returns the stitch to cross the pixel"""
if corner in [pixel+(i,j) for i in [0,1] for j in [0,1]]:
diff = corner-pixel
if diff[0] == diff[1]:
return pixel+(diff-(1,1)).abs()
return pixel+diff.swap()
return None
def T(a,b):
return Tp((a,b))
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