Commit fa0f8779 authored by Kasalehlia's avatar Kasalehlia
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add config for ffbs

parent 3ee7eb81
var config = {
listMissingImages: true,
vendormodels: vendormodels,
enabled_device_categories: ["recommended", "4_32", "8_32", "16_32", "ath10k_lowmem", "small_kernel_part", "legacy_target"],
recommended_toggle: true,
recommended_info_link: null,
community_prefix: 'gluon-ffbs-',
version_regex: /(v20\d\d\.[\d]+\.[\d]+-ffbs-[\d]+-[a-z]+)/,
directories: {
'/raw/stable/factory/': 'stable',
'/raw/stable/other/': 'stable',
'/raw/stable/sysupgrade/': 'stable',
'/raw/beta/factory/': 'beta',
'/raw/beta/other/': 'beta',
'/raw/beta/sysupgrade/': 'beta',
title: 'Firmware Freifunk Braunschweig',
branch_descriptions: {
stable: 'Gut getestet, zuverlässig und stabil.',
beta: 'Vorabtests neuer Stable-Kandidaten.',
recommended_branch: 'stable',
experimental_branches: [],
preview_pictures: 'pictures/',
changelog: '',
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