Commit ab409e56 authored by David Bauer's avatar David Bauer
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rename GL Innovations to GL.iNet

The company doesn't seem to be called "GL Innovations", at least nowadays.

On their website, you find a reference to "GL Technologies &
Microuter Technologies", but devices are all referred as GL.iNet GL-XXX,
so we should use this name instead.

Adjust naming of the devices accordingly.
parent 45f5f72b
......@@ -27,12 +27,12 @@ var devices_recommended = {
"DIR-860L": "d-link-dir-860l"
"GL Innovations": {
"AR150": "gl-ar150",
"AR300M": "gl-ar300m",
"AR750": "gl-ar750",
"iNet 6408a": "gl-inet-6408a",
"iNet 6416a": "gl-inet-6416a",
"GL.iNet": {
"GL-AR150": "gl-ar150",
"GL-AR300M": "gl-ar300m",
"GL-AR750": "gl-ar750",
"6408a": "gl-inet-6408a",
"6416a": "gl-inet-6416a",
"GL-B1300": "gl.inet-gl-b1300",
"GL-MT300a": "gl-mt300a",
"GL-MT300n": "gl-mt300n",
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