1. 20 Feb, 2019 1 commit
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      Add gluon-module gluon-ffbs-autoupdater-wifi-fallback · 1422a44f
      chrissi^ authored
      The fallback-module will check if the node has connectivity to the
      firmware-server. If there is no connectivity in a certain time the
      module assumes that the node is no longer part of the mesh.
      In this case the wifi is reconfigured to act as a client and to connect
      to any open SSID that matches "Freifunk*" and launch the autoupdater.
      Thus a node with lost connectivity (e.g. because it is using a different
      config, badman-version, etc) can be recovered and flashed with an
      Signed-off-by: chrissi^'s avatarChrissi^ <chris@tinyhost.de>
  3. 21 Jun, 2018 1 commit
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      Removed Owner Contact Info from Gluon · bed3c8ad
      chrissi^ authored
      This commit removes the Contact Info from the router itself. Until now
      contact info was entered in the config wizzard and brought to the
      Freifunk Brauschweig Technical Admins in two ways:
      * Via the fastd-key entered in the webapp
      * Via alfed and the stats.json
      Since the goal is to keep the info as secret as possible we will remove
      the contact-info field from the wizzard and we will reset the contact
      info field on all router on the next update.
      We will offer an interface on the webapp where user *can* add their
      contact info instead.
      Actual changes to our gluon:
      * removed the contact info package
      * added a ffbs-package to reset the contact info in uci.
      * Removed now unused patch for the wizzard
      Signed-off-by: chrissi^'s avatarChrissi^ <chris@tinyhost.de>
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      added essids · 80b555c1
      oni authored
      we now have braunschweig.freifunk.net, freifunk.net, and Freifunk
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