Commit f6d01d3d authored by Chris Fiege's avatar Chris Fiege

fixup! Noderoute: let the node get an ipv6 address if not gateway

Signed-off-by: default avatarChris Fiege <>
parent e43fef05
......@@ -103,14 +103,14 @@ function apply_network(conf, target_state)
x:set('network', DHCP_IFACE, "proto", "static")
x:set('network', DHCP_IFACE, "ipaddr", conf.address4 .. "/" .. prefix_len)
x:set('network', DHCP_IFACE, "ip6addr", conf.address6 .. "/" .. prefix6_len)
x:set('network', 'client6' 'proto', 'static')
x:set('network', 'client6', 'proto', 'static')
x:set("batman-adv", "bat0", "gw_mode", "server")
print("network: routing state: inactive")
x:set('network', DHCP_IFACE, "proto", "dhcp")
x:delete('network', DHCP_IFACE, 'ipaddr')
x:delete('network', DHCP_IFACE, 'ip6addr')
x:set('network', 'client6' 'proto', 'dhcpv6')
x:set('network', 'client6', 'proto', 'dhcpv6')
x:set("batman-adv", "bat0", "gw_mode", "client")
os.execute('rm /tmp/range6')
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