Commit 6c2cde3d authored by chrissi^'s avatar chrissi^

nodeconfig: parker-firewall: Allow respondd from mesh and vpn

Signed-off-by: chrissi^'s avatarChrissi^ <>
parent 874098f0
......@@ -44,5 +44,22 @@ uci set firewall.vpn_parker_mesh='forwarding'
uci set firewall.vpn_parker_mesh.src='vpn_parker'
uci set firewall.vpn_parker_mesh.dest='mesh'
# allow respondd to be reached from mesh an vpn_parker
uci set firewall.respondd_mesh_parker=rule
uci set firewall.respondd_mesh_parker.dest_port='1001'
uci set'respondd_mesh_parker'
uci set firewall.respondd_mesh_parker.src_ip='2001:bf7:381::/64'
uci set'ACCEPT'
uci set firewall.respondd_mesh_parker.proto='udp'
uci set firewall.respondd_mesh_parker.src='mesh'
uci set firewall.respondd_vpn_parker_mesh=rule
uci set firewall.respondd_vpn_parker_mesh.dest_port='1001'
uci set'respondd_vpn_parker_mesh'
uci set firewall.respondd_vpn_parker_mesh.src_ip='2001:bf7:381::/64'
uci set'ACCEPT'
uci set firewall.respondd_vpn_parker_mesh.proto='udp'
uci set firewall.respondd_vpn_parker_mesh.src='vpn_parker'
# allow forwarding of RA through batman
rm /lib/gluon/ebtables/300-radv-input-output
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