1. 11 Jun, 2022 3 commits
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      noderoute: stop gluon-uradvd before reconfiguring network · d67fce35
      chrissi^ authored
      It seems OpenWRT has a problem when reconfiguring the network with
      ``/etc/init.d/network reload``:
      Sometimes when switching from online/server mode (with gluon-uradvd running) to
      offline/mesh mode (with gluon-uradvd stopped) it seems gluon-uradvd
      is stopped after IPv6 has been configured to accept RAs.
      This leads to the router having an IPv6 address inside it's own segment.
      When the router is reconfigured to online mode (while it has an IPv6
      address in it's own segment) it ends up without a IPv6 route into it's
      own segment (on br-client).
      (It's not clear if the kernel does not accept the new route or if the
      route is removed by ``/etc/init.d/network`` (or even something else
      In this mode the router is not able to forward and IPv6 traffic to the
      clients in it's segent.
      With this change we make sure that gluon-uradvd is stopped before we
      reconfigure networking. If needed ``/etc/init.d/network`` will start
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  5. 30 Jun, 2021 1 commit
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      info-pull: Use correct uci section · 812f6bab
      Chris Fiege authored
      Sections in uci must always have 3 parts. Thus we needed to move this
      The config-page already uses the new name; so we have to implement it
      here, too.
  6. 20 Jun, 2021 7 commits
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    • Chris Fiege's avatar
      nodeconfig: Mitigate uradvd not starting and dnsmasq not configured · 86df91af
      Chris Fiege authored
      This changes tries to mitigrate problems with either
      * a not running uradvd after system boot or
        a network restart and
      * a dnsmasq without running DHCP (due to a missing range-config due to
        a missing ip address on the br-client interface).
      Using 'network reload' instead of 'network restart' we reduce the
      footprint of the reconfiguration. The 60s sleep should give even slow
      systems enough time to finish this job. (We use sleep since we do not
      know how to dertmine when all asynchronous restarts are done.)
      After waiting all running configuration jobs for interfaces should have
      finished and thus we can safely restart uradvd and/or dnsmasq (if
      In case uradvd is not started or dnsmasq is missing the range-config
      we log an error message.
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      status: add missing colon for consistency · 35d27b90
      Jan Luebbe authored
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      Allow retrieving the contact info via a seperate SSH user. · ded9e550
      Kenakapheus authored
      - Creates user and group 'info-pull' and adds a SSH public key with
          custom command.
      - Adds cron job to export related info to seperate file as the uci
          config ist only readable by root
      added group
      added export cronjob, changed to production key
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      created info-pull package · f0aaa5d2
      Kenakapheus authored
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      noderoute: remove redundant dnsmasq restart · 49192b61
      Jan Luebbe authored
      We've observed cases where dnsmasq was running without a dhcp-range set,
      although the node was batman server mode. During /etc/init.d/network
      restart, dnsmasq is already restarted twice (once without dhcp-range,
      then with dhcp-range).
      It's now unclear why we added this additional restart and it could be
      racing with the network restart, so remove it. Ten tests without
      explicit 'dnsmasq restart' worked fine on a 841.
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      status: add autoupdater info to status script · d414a68b
      Kasalehlia authored
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