Commit 69ec21a2 authored by chrissi^'s avatar chrissi^

debugbathosts: new hosts

Signed-off-by: chrissi^'s avatarChrissi^ <>
parent f49e7634
......@@ -32,6 +32,15 @@ e2:6c:d1:ab:4f:f1 mesh3-brclient
e2:6c:d1:ab:4f:f0 mesh3-brwan
e2:6c:d1:ab:4f:f4 mesh3-vxlan
76:a2:87:6f:0d:73 aclite-prim
f0:9f:c2:3b:cb:e9 aclite-bat0
76:a2:87:6f:0d:71 aclite-brclient
76:a2:87:6f:0d:70 aclite-brwan
a2:ea:21:09:90:7b mesh2-prim
64:66:b3:8e:bc:72 mesh2-bat0
a2:ea:21:09:90:79 mesh2-brclient
a2:ea:21:09:90:78 mesh2-brwan
60:57:18:9c:c2:f5 sho-polaris-wlan0
ac:37:43:51:29:48 sho-pixel
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