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This Repo contains gluon packages for the Freifunk Braunschweig Gluon-based
Take a look inside the packages. They should contain a for the Module.
Force Stable Branch
This Gluon package is intended to reset the branch of the Gluon updater to
`stable` after an update.
This can be used to switch routers that follow some other branch of a firmware
to the `stable` branch.
Inside the ffbs network we initially had two different flavours of firmware:
* One indented to be used inside Braunschwieg itself: SSID
* One intended to be used everywhere else: SSID: `Freifunk`
At one point we decided to switch to a single SSID `Freifunk` and thus have
two feature-identical branches again. This plugin was used to move the
remaining non-stable routers to the stable branch.
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