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    modules: update OpenWrt · 8890777d
    Martin Weinelt authored
    8de93ce745 mt76: update to the latest version
    85cb473f93 mac80211: add a fix to prevent unsafe queue wake calls during restart
    08db9397c9 mac80211: backport tx queue start/stop fix
    810ee3b84a kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.104
    5183df0dbf kernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.161
    eea538204b kernel: fix refcnt leak in LED netdev trigger on interface rename
    f1803e3492 oxnas: add SoC restart driver for reboot
    1bfe1ce5c4 oxnas: cheery-pick DTS improvements from master
    9ee8c8daf4 kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.103
    e2ba7a4b47 kernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.160
    Compile-tested: ramips-mt7621, ar71xx-generic
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