1. 24 May, 2020 24 commits
  2. 02 May, 2020 2 commits
  3. 01 May, 2020 1 commit
  4. 30 Apr, 2020 4 commits
    • Martin Weinelt's avatar
      patches: reorder OpenWrt · 50fe6a96
      Martin Weinelt authored
    • Martin Weinelt's avatar
      modules: update OpenWrt · 07a8aea9
      Martin Weinelt authored
      5feb0df9bb ramips: remove memory node for ZBT MT7621 devices
      b80a98ae7f ramips: remove unnecessary DEVICE_PACKAGES for Belkin F7C027
      bfe652c5bd oxnas: move service file to correct place
      5b4e4a38d8 relayd: bump to version 2020-04-25
      4e5a29827f umdns: update to version 2020-04-25
      c2efc973d5 dnsmasq: fix dnssec+ntp chicken-and-egg workaround (FS#2574)
      6c020577ae libpcap: fix build breakage with very high number of simultaneous jobs
      efe837de84 openssl: bump to 1.1.1g
      1df49d98e7 relayd: bump to version 2020-04-20
      b71c7c261b umdns: update to version 2020-04-20
      b6d8119c53 umdns: update to the version 2020-04-05
      ef3df27507 umdns: suppress address-of-packed-member warning
      55312cc202 binutils: add ALTERNATIVES for strings (FS#3001)
      3b6f079d8d mbedtls: update to 2.16.6
      67ed408af2 mvebu: cortexa9: correct cpu subtype
      dee8fcfe9f tegra: correct cpu subtype
      d8e0b015e8 mvebu: backport ClearFog SPI enablement
      Compile-tested: ipq40xx, ath79
      (cherry picked from commit 2d2cf07e489ed4a28f75a14bc98dce2546fd3637)
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      modules: update packages · 303e4736
      Martin Weinelt authored
      f5cb61cee Merge pull request #11992 from Robby-/openwrt-19.07-freeradius3_update_3_0_21
      37812cd96 Merge pull request #11994 from jefferyto/python-2.7.18-openwrt-19.07
      caecc597f expat: Update to version 2.2.9
      e34d0baee python: Update to 2.7.18, refresh patches
      28faf9676 freeradius3: Update to 3.0.21
      cb10971c1 freeradius3: Updated patches/004-fix-target-python-header-detection.patch to remove the rlm_python3 specific changes as it is no longer needed to compile and updated the Makefile to reflect this due to the following change/commit in freeradius: https://github.com/FreeRADIUS/freeradius-server/commit/307678b268cf8898a65632147ecc40d37ea3f9d3
      4c9d29093 freeradius3: Refreshed patches/002-disable-session-cache-CVE-2017-9148.patch in preparation for the 3.0.21 update.
      fe6f04346 freeradius3: Fix the ordering in the Makefile.
      0d795d202 mwan3: fix whitespace issue
      b7959a8d3 mwan3: Ping IPv6 hosts using address not interface
      2ac0a05d6 mwan3: change license to SPDX compatible identifier
      928ac2a20 mwan3: update version to 2.8.2
      1ea75a8fa mwan3: add httping_ssl option
      c2cd3f099 mwan3: fix variable naming
      5bf733c2d Merge pull request #11986 from jefferyto/python-target-build-tools-openwrt-19.07
      c1394a6a7 python: Fix host build tool names recorded in target files
      3d2dc6920 python3: Fix host build tool names recorded in target files
      99abc1bd8 Merge pull request #11976 from br101/pingcheck-update
      aa353e13d pingcheck: Update and add script directories
      411633e52 mpd: update to 0.21.23
      63a7426cd Merge branch 'BKPepe-19.07-php7' into openwrt-19.07 (fixes #11923)
      d2a02ee24 Merge branch '19.07-php7' of https://github.com/BKPepe/packages into a local branch for conflict resolving.
      f2143f6eb php7: fix dependencies for mysqlnd (fixes #11113)
      6d9bfa5a8 Merge pull request #11948 from dvtirol/rlm_rest-19.07
      742944560 freeradius3: Support building freeradius3-mod-rest
      f3bf2e9dd Merge pull request #11946 from jefferyto/python-pip-pep517-pyc-fix-openwrt-19.07
      cbb850712 python-pip: Fix error when installing packages that require compilation
      5b6607557 python3-pip: Fix error when installing packages that require compilation
      ad75f6901 travelmate: refine logical interface selection
      eccacec55 less: add ALTERNATIVES
      3ab2a1c51 Merge pull request #11938 from aleksander0m/aleksander/modem-updates-19.07
      8b46bb9df modemmanager: release 1.12.8
      9c337b7ba modemmanager: release 1.12.6
      2c1fbf5ec libqmi: update version to 1.24.10
      a6f66a078 libqmi: update to version 1.24.8
      920c43946 libqmi: bump libqmi version
      1b0b8ffa7 Merge pull request #11928 from jefferyto/golang-1.13.10-openwrt-19.07
      a15e7212d travelmate: release 1.5.4
      f6bb9f3c2 golang: Update to 1.13.10
      6e5ca4ddf Merge pull request #11925 from stangri/19.07-simple-adblock
      c725bb1b4 simple-adblock: bugfix: start downloads on cold boot
      09738290a php7: update to version 7.2.30
      059e949ee Merge pull request #11882 from yousong/wget1907
      fb64ef9d3 acme: depends on wget-ssl
      ba4c4e681 wget: make the ssl variant provides wget-ssl
      406b052f7 wget: do not provide itself
      ea5c497c2 adblock: filter spurious line endings in sources
      b7e94479a git: update to version 2.26.1
      5b38ccf0d git: update to version 2.25.1
      cc818e580 git: update to version 2.25.0
      04d228f9e libupnp: remove patch that should not be there
      3f931a4fd minidlna: fix patches from last backport
      4dc6dfa77 libxslt: update to 1.1.34
      3385d1fd9 libyaml-cpp: Update to 0.63
      20d95578e wavemon: update to 0.9.1
      83ff6c38f miniupnpd: fix sh syntax error
      1fe1c80d6 miniupnpd: convert to procd
      c02c42849 miniupnpd: update to 2.1.20191006
      66363912d minidlna: update to latest master
      a3480774a liblz4: Update to 1.9.2
      2caba1671 liblz4: Remove deprecated utime function
      a38f59d39 measurement-kit: update to version 0.10.11
      856124364 websocketpp: Fix compile with Boost 1.70+
      7bfe30462 faad2: update to 2.9.1
      f91af9d77 mpc: update to 0.33
      c80bc7765 mpc: update to v0.32 and build with meson
      a39c4e8e0 libupnpp: link against libm under glibc
      b3a09f039 libupnpp: update to 0.17.2
      fc2203bb7 libupnpp: Update to 0.17.1
      175b26d8b u2pnpd: update to 0.5
      caf43f42a libupnp: update to 1.8.7
      696d9bdf2 adblock: fix gawk incompatibility
      b32a40afe Merge pull request #11843 from neheb/py3
      45ca5d87d ruby: update to 2.6.6
      84f6fab44 mac-telnet: fix mirror hash
      2633415b2 mac-telnet: install uci as config file
      4418e49a4 mac-telnet: mark uci as conffile
      d12b47361 transmission: add init file STOP directive
      54372522f transmission: add syscalls to seccomp filter
      10b93cd53 transmission: add service triggers and bump PKG_RELEASE
      0ba4820b8 transmission: update config options
      125f6ff9e meson: use python3
      803c5ef05 libid3tag: add pkg-config file
      e91c9b8b1 adblock: fix another reporting bug
      67be4858c meson: update to version 0.54.0
      7a2b9425d ninja: updated to 1.10.0
      66f418654 libmpdclient: update to 2.18
      ccd2d7754 libmpdclient: build with meson
      2a5a89bcc mpd: update to 0.21.22
      5f7f5a205 mpd: allow AAC decoding with mini variant
      eda73f927 mpd: link against libpthread under glibc
      10ddb2178 mpd: update to 0.21.20
      debe4d4d9 mpd: fix ffmpeg AIFF and AMR support
      ab7ae0a65 mpd: replace mpg123 with libmad
      8346ace9a mpd: fix compilation with uClibc-ng
      b061fc6be mpd: update to 0.21.19
      82ae5f3bc mpd: update to v0.21.16 and build with meson
      fc2a591b5 treewide: Use default PKG_BUILD_DIR when possible
      3c59551d8 nsd: Update to 4.2.1
      048937c40 xmlrpc-c: Update to 1.51.03
      59d23790e libuwsc: update to 3.3.2
      2ec415e68 monit: update to the latest release
      9eca2ae77 monit: enable / fix IPv6 detection during build
      4e3d6eca2 nlbwmon: update to latest Git HEAD
      31412a2b4 adblock: update 4.0.4
      2944d7142 Merge pull request #11820 from stangri/19.07-https-dns-proxy
      210b760d3 https-dns-proxy: bugfix: memory leak
      4542b5219 nlbwmon: update to latest Git HEAD
      559ff1828 nlbwmon: bump to latest git
      45bb9056a nlbwmon: add procd reload trigger for nlbwmon config
      (cherry picked from commit 34626bce672f39e61b6a3b92cf83a347303ed1bf)
    • Martin Weinelt's avatar
      modules: update routing · 60f81d7b
      Martin Weinelt authored
      9b42e24 Merge pull request #563 from ecsv/batadv-for-19.07
      5dd2f44 batman-adv: Merge bugfixes from 2020.1
      8b25c90 batctl: Merge bugfixes from 2020.1
      094e9b0 batctl: Fix upstream reference in backported patch
      20b98f0 Merge pull request #560 from fblaese/babeld
      bd25cae babeld: Update to version 1.9.2
      9f21b21 Merge pull request #558 from BKPepe/bird2-19.07-bump
      dc81e50 bird2: fix service restart and reload (#546)
      6e51cca bird2: Update to v2.0.7 (#516)
      3a80085 bird2: Update to version 2.0.6
      38f2ed9 bird2: Bump to v2.0.5
      (cherry picked from commit a070e688498b7ab79cba5c9e8126d2a787a92f68)
  5. 29 Apr, 2020 5 commits
    • Matthias Schiffer's avatar
      kernel: backport slub prefetch fix from v4.19 · 4d5c0d19
      Matthias Schiffer authored
      This patch fixes a regression introduced in kernel v4.14. While the
      commit message only mentions a performance penalty, the issue is
      suspected to be the cause of spurious data bus errors on MIPS CPUs
      (ar71xx target).
      Fixes: #1982
      (cherry picked from commit 35e8b533852dcedb25bdd017d0269309be933fc9)
    • Jan Alexander's avatar
      docs: add Aruba AP-303 and Instant On AP11 to supported devices list · fe69fa51
      Jan Alexander authored
      (cherry picked from commit 079275ebf2dbc18ce55404084ce21c2b64b001e6)
    • David Bauer's avatar
      lantiq-xway: remove support for AVM FRITZ!Box 7320 7330 7330SL · 81d6b9c1
      David Bauer authored
      This device has broken Ethernet on both ports.
      Remove support for those devices. for now, as there was no feedback from
      the original author.
      Closes #1943
      (cherry picked from commit 5231fb017800975bddaf655fa988055e007884be)
    • Sven Eckelmann's avatar
      mac80211: ath10k: increase rx buffer size to 2048 · 54cb06ad
      Sven Eckelmann authored
      Before, only frames with a maximum size of 1528 bytes could be
      transmitted between two 802.11s nodes.
      For batman-adv for instance, which adds its own header to each frame,
      we typically need an MTU of at least 1532 bytes to be able to transmit
      without fragmentation.
      This patch now increases the maxmimum frame size from 1528 to 1656
      Tested with two ath10k devices in 802.11s mode, as well as with
      batman-adv on top of 802.11s with forwarding disabled.
      Fix originally found and developed by Ben Greear.
      (cherry picked from commit 8bc602b021531f0232bb54183ebd064ac97d72c1)
    • David Bauer's avatar
      modules: update OpenWrt · 9f29aa7d
      David Bauer authored
      0232f57e1a kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.176
      286c407c3d ath79: add SUPPORTED_DEVICES for TP-Link TL-WA901ND v2
      02c6deab8c mbedtls: update to version 2.16.5
      01b624e28e Revert "ramips: disable ZyXel Keenetic by default"
      14c8ea0245 ramips: use full 8MB flash on ZyXEL Keenetic
      (cherry picked from commit 6042f5256a583e93fd0d3577a0bd1b0184a48955)
  6. 13 Apr, 2020 4 commits
    • Martin Weinelt's avatar
      modules update packages · 3751a613
      Martin Weinelt authored
      619961596 mosh: use mips16 and remove configure patch
      376d0b76f mosh: Fix compilation with libcxx
      913f95a4b mosh: Add protobuf host build dependency
      d0bf13630 mosh: add package
      9e581d578 Merge pull request #11800 from dibdot/adblock-19.07
      5e69c9961 adblock: release 4.0.3
      f207f2bf3 Merge pull request #11802 from stangri/19.07-simple-adblock
      af1e0a533 simple-adblock: bugfixes: remove escape chars from log, restore from cache on boot
      b7f2b61da nano: update to 4.9.2
      c5a7fba5c graphicsmagic: update to version 1.3.35 (security fix)
      574a5af56 Merge pull request #11772 from micmac1/19.07-apache-2443
      fa572d135 meson: update to 0.53.2
      75c1baa9f meson: update to 0.53.1
      c7e1a3453 meson: fix building host binaries with ccache
      eeeadde02 python-requests: update to version 2.23.0
      ca555a054 dnscrypt-proxy2: update to version 2.0.42
      8a4d0b206 apache: security bump to 2.4.43
      626bda56d nano: update to 4.9.1
      a10dd9369 Merge pull request #11755 from gladiac1337/haproxy-2.0.14-openwrt-19.07
      7e48c36cc haproxy: Update HAProxy to v2.0.14
      c8eb843fb Merge pull request #11729 from stangri/19.07-vpn-policy-routing
      153892633 vpn-policy-routing: separation between auto/all proto; compatibility with mwan3; README update
      92a4c6933 gnutls: updated to 3.6.13
      0d9a89370 Merge pull request #11699 from stangri/19.07-simple-adblock
      9923323db simple-adblock: support multiple dnsmasq instances; rework communication between principal package and luci app
      7fba38e3f avahi: update to 0.8
      0da04e56d avahi: convert to procd
      97a0abf46 avahi: Fix pkgconfig files to be cross compile friendly
      ca7da040e flac: Update to 1.33
      4bd47a5eb msmtp: remove myself as maintainer
      7ccf6f235 msmtp: Update to 1.8.7
      efab88dc3 msmtp: Update to 1.8.6
      97fcfe955 mpg123: Update to 1.25.13
      2dbdb7de3 screen: update to 4.8.0
      c133dc75d screen: Update to 4.7.0
      a677166dd zstd: Fix compilation with uClibc-ng
      6c5b9424e zstd: Update to 1.4.4
      18efffaf9 nano: update to 4.9
      c983b0844 tor: update to version (security fix)
      fb0996711 collectd: disable onewire plugin, BROKEN since 2009
      afccb8069 collectd: disable dpdk_telemetry module
      45dfd3b51 collectd: update to 5.11.0
      9ba7b1799 acme: Backport two bug fixes from master
      40c5dd0ba openvswitch: depend on IPV6 for intree kmods
      ec0a9d4d0 openvswitch: rework skipping intree kmod build for unsupported kernels
      d8c836f6a fish: update to 3.1.0
      aae54e90c fish: Fix compilation with libcxx
      2ea76a676 fish: Convert to CMake
      33eda8575 syncthing: configuration cleanup & hardening
      e4c685e5b syncthing: bump to 1.4.0
      b8dafa475 syncthing: fixup version detection
      f7308a55f strongswan: add conffiles for swanctl util
      ba76d4274 strongswan: quote 'comment' parameter in Config.in
      1cd3f5fdc net/pagekitec: support status reporting json file
      1688807f1 net/pagekitec: Update to newest version
      407438796 Merge pull request #11647 from jefferyto/byobu-5.133-openwrt-19.07
      97e68c1cb Merge pull request #11646 from jefferyto/python-pyasn1-modules-0.2.8-openwrt-19.07
      3c6d37bfa Merge pull request #11645 from jefferyto/python-idna-2.9-openwrt-19.07
      72ccf6726 Merge pull request #11644 from jefferyto/python-pycparser-2.20-openwrt-19.07
      2c8681870 Merge pull request #11643 from jefferyto/python-enum34-1.1.10-openwrt-19.07
      897b76d32 Merge pull request #11641 from jefferyto/python-zope-interface-4.7.2-openwrt-19.07
      72731c08c Merge pull request #11639 from jefferyto/python-twisted-security-fix-openwrt-19.07
      7fa240521 Merge pull request #11636 from jefferyto/golang-1.13.9-openwrt-19.07
      34a77ee37 byobu: Update to 5.133
      db63e1208 python-pyasn1-modules: Update to 0.2.8
      4da9026f2 python-idna: Update to 2.9
      a6b32c675 python-pycparser: Update to 2.20
      364c24dd2 python-enum34: Update to 1.1.10, refresh patch
      da05e0829 python-enum34: Update to 1.1.9, refresh patch
      4e5642de1 python-zope-interface: Update to 4.7.2, refresh patch
      261d6cbaa python-twisted: Fix several request smuggling attacks
      0b654d52e golang: Update to 1.13.9
      8677a0e3e libredblack: pass CFLAGS properly
      ad782ffff Merge pull request #11615 from stangri/19.07-https-dns-proxy
      fc16e964c Merge pull request #11617 from nxhack/19_07_icu_66_1
      6abb6bb2a https-dns-proxy: support for dnsmasq noresolv option
      2509b0e89 icu: update to 66.1
      df7e27dfe youtube-dl: update to version 2020.3.8
      0b8102940 haveged: move init script from 13 to 01
      2085b990f libarchive: update to 3.4.2
      8bd2d5e53 Merge pull request #11566 from BKPepe/python3-update-19.07
      f043afe46 openvswitch: fix PIE build against 4.14 kernel
      5827a1ed2 x264: add CONFIGURE_VARS and MAKE_FLAGS when NASM is not selected
      5746e4a2b nfs-kernel-server: Fix compile with uClibc-ng
      17924b128 xtables-addons: disable ASLR PIE
      fd4da9667 python3: update to version 3.7.7
      3b9648db3 django: bump to version 1.11.29
      55176058f Merge pull request #11540 from neheb/softee
      dc524aa2a softethervpn: disable PIC
      381153d59 softethervpn: Fix openssl header patch
      aba0dd872 softethervpn: Add missing OpenSSL header
      f09028fcd softethervpn: Update to rtm version 4.29-9680
      b546ff127 stubby: fix init script
      c5219c8af stubby: makefile and init script cleanup
      9b64ae0ba btrfs-progs: fix check for btrfs in btrfs scan
      2f5fce820 syslog-ng: update to version 3.26.1
      79186664e Merge pull request #11526 from wvdakker/openwrt-19.07
      43c5aba9e Merge pull request #11524 from micmac1/1907arc_aio2
      62d9ba9a0 Shorewall6: Bump to
      e14ee2480 Shorewall: Bump to
      84cca11fa Shorewall6-lite: Bump to
      803ab2f44 Shorewall-lite: Bump to
      7b67a0b91 Shorewall-core: Bump to
      c84786237 mariadb: add dependency on libaio for arc as well
      b2f00d8b7 youtube-dl: update to version 2020.3.6
      c4795d941 youtube-dl: update to version 2020.3.1
      c81415a80 Merge pull request #11501 from Bloup1net/phantap19.07
      408f666e6 libuv: update to 1.34.2
      b97f33e02 cgi-io: fix compilation against uClibc
      68aa303ef cgi-io: use O_TMPFILE for uploads and attempt to directly link target file
      7f00eebab cgi-io: use dynamic memory for post decoding, support proc files
      ce9229d2e Merge pull request #11500 from fantom-x/irqbalance-backport
      bbc1b3025 irqbalance: support reload_config & start later
      cdd892c9b irqbalance: add support of interval and banirq
      cceb2c3ad irqbalance: upgrade to 1.6.0
      801a908a1 phantap: add to 19.07
      ca93667c8 Merge pull request #11482 from BKPepe/libaio_update
      61b732e62 libaio: Update to 0.3.112
      abdbeb350 mosquitto: bump to 1.6.9
      a7d3b91ce syncthing: enable via config, lower priority, cleanup
      0b9578a1d Merge pull request #11472 from fantom-x/syncthing-19.07
      653014528 syncthing: bump to 1.3.4
      56af7bcf1 syncthing: add package
      (cherry picked from commit 46cd214bb837896fcf12dc427bc94549191bb0a5)
    • Martin Weinelt's avatar
      modules: update OpenWrt · 352293b1
      Martin Weinelt authored
      5b9b833f8c bcm53xx: add support for Luxul FullMAC WiFi devices
      ab3549a870 bcm53xx: refactor board.d code in 02_network
      35413b047c bcm53xx: sysupgrade: optimize building UBI image
      55c29c398c busybox: enable truncate on bcm53xx target
      a89731ad7a bcm53xx: fix ASUS firmwares to use vendor format
      36373c5ddb openssl: bump to 1.1.1f
      470f7c046c ath79: add support for TP-Link TL-WDR4310 v1
      96ee7c8bfd libpcap: Update shared-lib patch from Debian to fix linking problems
      96092a8eea mkrasimage: fix segmentation fault
      bf5ea2a8dc rpcd: fix respawn settings
      83381ce95d readline: needs host depend on ncurses to build
      45b586c4a6 tools: squashfskit4: fix build with GCC10
      79b60d878d squashfskit4/Makefile: introduce PKG_RELEASE=1
      a08394b3c6 build: prereq: tidy gcc version checks
      66cbfeeaae build: add GCC 10 version detection
      eea3a9625c openssl: revert EOF detection change in 1.1.1
      c6c3f6bb0a mac80211: Update to version 4.19.112
      794fd4c6cf procd: turn error into debug message for missing ujail binary
      f5b3cd1539 ar71xx: Fix gigabit switch support for Mikrotik RB951G-2HnD
      bdbda30384 ath79: add support for TP-Link TL-WA860RE v1
      2e6bfab8c5 ath79: add support for TP-Link TL-WA850RE v1
      dba6f418fa mac80211: fix brcmfmac monitor interface crash
      27e77922a1 ar71xx: use status led for GL.iNet GL-AR750S
      (cherry picked from commit d333bffb67e37a39c99ce1fb4f4cf35f9dd19e6e)
    • Kasalehlia's avatar
      gluon-web-model: update inputs on form reset · 02e213a7
      Kasalehlia authored
      Register to 'reset' event on form element and make call to 'update' function
      delayed in 'data-update' handler to allow the form values to update beforehand.
      When using a form's 'reset' button, form field visibility was not updated.
      This could lead to situations where a checkbox had to be toggled again
      twice to display the detail text inputs. (Example taken from private
      wifi package)
      (cherry picked from commit bf090a8a83b28bf4e35ab544727fb63ed6263e1f)
    • Martin Weinelt's avatar
      gluon-respondd: allow queries from extra_prefix6 · f7d0db69
      Martin Weinelt authored
      Fixes #1959
      (cherry picked from commit 3fb4cdad134b830ceca0950f9edfc89ce7deddb7)