1. 11 Nov, 2020 4 commits
  2. 05 Nov, 2020 1 commit
  3. 01 Nov, 2020 3 commits
  4. 27 Oct, 2020 2 commits
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      refresh patches · 46482156
      Martin Weinelt authored
    • Martin Weinelt's avatar
      modules: update routing · f0a2da5b
      Martin Weinelt authored
      83f515d Merge pull request #624 from ecsv/batadv-for-18.06
      7448ab9 batman-adv: Fix missing include for backported 2020.4 patch
      8f47c32 Merge pull request #621 from ecsv/batadv-for-18.06
      351c782 batctl: Merge bugfixes from 2020.4
      c197ddb batman-adv: Merge bugfixes from 2020.4
      Compile-tested: ar71xx-generic
  5. 19 Oct, 2020 2 commits
  6. 18 Oct, 2020 2 commits
  7. 13 Oct, 2020 1 commit
  8. 12 Oct, 2020 1 commit
  9. 11 Oct, 2020 3 commits
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      patches: refresh routing · 0b45624b
      Andreas Ziegler authored
    • Andreas Ziegler's avatar
      modules: update OpenWrt · 7afbba32
      Andreas Ziegler authored
      6d94a6eca4 scripts: getver.sh: fix version based on stable branch
      3d771602e9 mbedtls: update to 2.16.8
      910ac641cc tools/squashfs4: fix bugs of xz compress options
      e6bcfdfdba fstools: backport: fix ntfs uuid
      bf78cd3514 lua: lnum: fix strtoul based number parsing
      f402571b49 kernel:  Update kernel 4.9 to version 4.9.237
      1da8cc1bbc kernel: Update kernel 4.14 to version 4.14.199
      1238a22316 mac80211: Fix potential endless loop
      8e89e1c337 mac80211: Backport fixes for Kr00k vulnerabilities
      fec2888ae5 mbedtls: update to 2.16.7
      3ad44fcd12 kernel: Update kernel 4.9 to version 4.9.234
      b8336ebab9 kernel: Update kernel 4.14 to version 4.14.195
    • Andreas Ziegler's avatar
      modules: update routing · 14501b41
      Andreas Ziegler authored
      3862f61 Merge pull request #604 from ecsv/batadv-for-18.06
      71a7397 batman-adv: Merge bugfixes from 2020.3
      1f4d944 Merge pull request #585 from ecsv/batadv-for-18.06
  10. 22 Aug, 2020 2 commits
    • Martin Weinelt's avatar
      modules: update packages · ff0c72f7
      Martin Weinelt authored
      b3170384c simple-adblock: bugfix: update config; use command -v
      4c1293e3f freeradius3: Fix proxy.conf file conflict.
      3fd112e4a lvm2: fix CE in mac
      2d1f83793 nano: update to 5.1
      e6e24738e nano: update to 5.0
      9c8671828 freeradius3: add missing conffiles to Makefile
      8dc8d4c20 simple-adblock: README and config update
    • Martin Weinelt's avatar
      modules: update OpenWrt · d05e22fc
      Martin Weinelt authored
      0c25ece262 x86: Add CONFIG_EFI_CUSTOM_SSDT_OVERLAYS
      2628ec9b37 ar71xx: fix ZyXEL NBG6616 wifi switch
      95dc2f5257 tools/cmake: fix typo in parallel make patch
      3667693830 uboot-envtools: ar71xx: add ZyXEL NBG6616 uboot env support
      5af87620af ar71xx: change u-boot-env to read-write for ZyXEL NBG6616
      f9ffdf8825 kernel: update kernel 4.9 to version 4.9.232
      35e9edc3df kernel: Update kernel 4.14 to version 4.14.193
      Compile-tested: ar71xx-generic, ipq40xx
  11. 04 Aug, 2020 3 commits
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      modules: update routing · 8bd179a6
      Martin Weinelt authored
      8dd6c08 batctl: Merge bugfixes from 2020.2
    • Martin Weinelt's avatar
      modules: update packages · c2f0d9e0
      Martin Weinelt authored
      2d3a84f0f libtasn1: add host-build
      6aeaf7dc9 netatalk: fix compile error in mac os
      77587beda libgpg-error: Fix compilation with GAWK 5.0
      e05705fa5 python3: Backport security fixes
      c15122fb7 haveged: update to 1.9.13
      641745733 python3: Update to 3.6.11
      7d3608438 https-dns-proxy: re-add conffiles and add description to Makefile
      e97462d3d https-dns-proxy: bugfix: remove eDNS support
      a66ee15de haveged: update to 1.9.12
      ca1c97a9b haveged: update to 1.9.11
      ca1082fa1 haveged: move init script from 13 to 01
      2ea2b371b simple-adblock: racially-neutral names
      596c55ab2 simple-adblock: remove obsolete dshield.org links from config
      971346c38 simple-adblock: bugfix: proper error reporting on failed downloads; lists update script
      c3c558f6e nano: update to 4.9.3
    • Martin Weinelt's avatar
      module: update OpenWrt · ab9c0ad0
      Martin Weinelt authored
      b18e3eae94 ar71xx: enable ethernet LED of Arduino Yun
      dd79314de4 ar71xx: fix sysupgrade for Arduino Yun
      f4b3c35e03 ramips: add kmod-usb-dwc2 to ZyXEL Keenetic image
      526c1dd7ff ramips: remove patches for USB-dwc2
      7bd437cc9f firewall: backport patch for mss clamping in both directions
      2ba95d287e ar71xx: Fix mikrotik NAND compile problem
      030fe10a41 ar71xx: Fix mikrotik NAND compile problem
      8ae74cca9a wireguard: bump to 1.0.20200611
      2dcf46b079 libubox: backport additional length-checking fixes
      0f07496f52 kernel: Update kernel 4.9 to version 4.9.229
      1f8d9f70c2 kernel: Update kernel 4.14 to version 4.14.187
      d37f8a60f0 bcm63xx: a226m-fwb: fix linux partition offset
      d6bbfc8b52 ipq40xx: essedma: Disable TCP segmentation offload for IPv6
      b98bfd4e9b ca-certificates: update to version 20200601
      b20a95f181 musl: fix locking synchronization bug
      ff6c312000 rpcd: update to latest openwrt-18.06 Git HEAD
      aba01f7350 usign: update to latest git HEAD
      2ed25124f6 usign: update to latest Git HEAD
      6b1f2e6058 squashfs: Fix compile with GCC 10
      7b3ada8c6d build: prereq: tidy gcc version checks
      e1d4612e0a build: add GCC 10 version detection
      401fe1a599 build: adjust gcc/g++ version checks for newer apple compilers
      Compile-tested: ar71xx, ipq40xx
  12. 12 Jun, 2020 1 commit
  13. 07 Jun, 2020 1 commit
  14. 22 May, 2020 7 commits
    • Martin Weinelt's avatar
      patches: refresh openwrt & packages · 2e1abda6
      Martin Weinelt authored
    • Sven Eckelmann's avatar
      mac80211: ath10k: increase rx buffer size to 2048 · 2b142233
      Sven Eckelmann authored
      Before, only frames with a maximum size of 1528 bytes could be
      transmitted between two 802.11s nodes.
      For batman-adv for instance, which adds its own header to each frame,
      we typically need an MTU of at least 1532 bytes to be able to transmit
      without fragmentation.
      This patch now increases the maxmimum frame size from 1528 to 1656
      Tested with two ath10k devices in 802.11s mode, as well as with
      batman-adv on top of 802.11s with forwarding disabled.
      Fix originally found and developed by Ben Greear.
      (cherry picked from commit 8bc602b0)
    • Kasalehlia's avatar
      gluon-web-model: update inputs on form reset · 45ac73a5
      Kasalehlia authored
      Register to 'reset' event on form element and make call to 'update' function
      delayed in 'data-update' handler to allow the form values to update beforehand.
      When using a form's 'reset' button, form field visibility was not updated.
      This could lead to situations where a checkbox had to be toggled again
      twice to display the detail text inputs. (Example taken from private
      wifi package)
      (cherry picked from commit bf090a8a)
      (cherry picked from commit 02e213a7)
    • Martin Weinelt's avatar
      gluon-respondd: allow queries from extra_prefix6 · 70990f67
      Martin Weinelt authored
      Fixes #1959
      (cherry picked from commit 3fb4cdad)
      (cherry picked from commit f7d0db69)
    • Martin Weinelt's avatar
      modules: update routing · 52b3ec7b
      Martin Weinelt authored
      0c19201 nodogsplash: update to 4.0.3
      b682059 Merge pull request #564 from ecsv/batadv-for-18.06
      719709a batman-adv: Merge bugfixes from 2020.1
      4e78587 batctl: Merge bugfixes from 2020.1
      300fec3 Merge pull request #555 from ecsv/batadv-for-18.06
      8f8ab76 batman-adv: Merge bugfixes from 2020.0
      0e63ef9 quagga: update to version 1.1.1 (#541)
      9fa2b24 [OpenWrt 18.06] bird: Update to version 1.6.8 (security fix) (#539)
      Build-tested: x86-64, ipq40xx
    • Martin Weinelt's avatar
      modules: update packages · c9c97778
      Martin Weinelt authored
      58b4399a5 bind: update to version 9.11.19
      24d14e8b3 Merge pull request #12235 from jefferyto/python-openssl-ca-certs-openwrt-18.06
      76a67189c python-openssl,python3-openssl: Add dependency on ca-bundle
      e2aa53d37 Python: Fix compile of host modules
      618771c3a Python3: Fix host build on OpenSUSE
      8b23a429b unbound: update to version 1.10.1
      8a0298192 Merge pull request #12207 from micmac1/mar-1806-10413
      0bf8d5719 mariadb: bump to 10.1.45
      bb636880d php7: update to version 7.2.31
      0da88f8eb Merge pull request #12142 from EricLuehrsen/unbound_1806_1100
      eab86cd2c unbound: update to 1.10.0
      f245b0e88 Merge pull request #12058 from stangri/18.06-vpnbypass
      1c2ac45a2 vpnbypass: bugfix: remove non-ASCII from system log; update README
      a821c3789 youtube-dl: update to version 2020.3.24
      c0ec2dfd5 Merge pull request #11995 from jefferyto/python-2.7.18-openwrt-18.06
      dd5896c7c python: Update to 2.7.18, refresh patches
      baacda1b4 mwan3: Fix json_load fails with some data
      6f81894d9 libarchive: update to 3.4.2
      5fc2af438 libarchive: update to version 3.4.1 (security fix)
      f85dd8b96 php7: update to version 7.2.30
      ae0e27548 php7: fix dependencies for mysqlnd (fixes #11113)
      4df97ac0e Merge pull request #11926 from stangri/18.06-simple-adblock
      7ed5c9364 simple-adblock: bugfix: start downloads on cold boot
      96a2a5cfb Merge pull request #11907 from BKPepe/18.06-git
      fc93a4f12 git: update to version 2.20.4
      3b55acda9 Merge pull request #11857 from BKPepe/18.06-git
      48b347e47 Merge pull request #11883 from yousong/wget1806
      a62e54af3 acme: depends on wget-ssl
      7d1f138c2 wget: make the ssl variant provides wget-ssl
      b07578443 wget: do not provide itself
      3066aaa82 ruby: update to 2.5.8
      4a4c79327 git: update to version 2.20.3
      a0fe9eeab nlbwmon: update to latest Git HEAD
      c0fffb996 Merge pull request #11821 from stangri/18.06-https-dns-proxy
      a0a779faf https-dns-proxy: bugfix: memory leak
      e8cf2e60a nlbwmon: update to latest Git HEAD
      8696b3499 nlbwmon: bump to latest git
      c66a3cf7c nlbwmon: add procd reload trigger for nlbwmon config
      28d6dc944 nlbwmon: receive dhcp interface triggers
      6a642a607 net/nlbwmon: run with lower priority
      21f7d16a1 Merge pull request #11803 from stangri/18.06-simple-adblock
      6787a9bfd simple-adblock: bugfixes: remove escape chars from log, restore from cache on boot
      876a7418f nano: update to 4.9.2
      133f71a2c Merge pull request #11773 from BKPepe/msmtp
      b0484b005 msmtp: update to version 1.8.7
      2c4a58a38 nano: update to 4.9.1
      6effd4b7a Merge pull request #11756 from gladiac1337/haproxy-1.8.25-openwrt-18.06
      0db9f894d haproxy: Update HAProxy to v1.8.25
      561064287 Merge pull request #11700 from stangri/18.06-simple-adblock
      2c1a3aaf5 simple-adblock: support multiple dnsmasq instances; rework communication between principal package and luci app
      e4c60e87d nano: update to 4.9
      24f10e379 Merge pull request #11626 from nxhack/18_06_icu_fix_CVE-2020-10531
      9bdb25f51 Merge pull request #11616 from stangri/18.06-https-dns-proxy
      c4ddc21bf icu: fix CVE-2020-10531
      6b290744d https-dns-proxy: support for dnsmasq noresolv option
      f5ae75cf0 openvswitch: fix PIE build against 4.14 kernel
      c05ea69d6 php7: update to 7.2.28
      31e16f276 php7: update to 7.2.27
      f3df27f6f xl2tpd: fix building failure caused by pfc
      a0f291191 xl2tpd: bump to version 1.3.15
      c95e3b71f icu: bump proper variable.
      ad7f02d0f icu: backport upstream ARC patch
      d1c6d1d95 nano: update to 4.8
      b2a29b7a4 Merge pull request #11252 from neheb/i22p
      ddfa4cddc i2pd: move chmod command
      87a7ec725 i2pd: Move DATADIR to /var/lib/i2pd, fix #5693
      8235cc43a Merge pull request #11227 from micmac1/sqlite3-18.06-2
      e6884e554 sqlite3: bump to 3.31.1
      a744482ef Merge pull request #11186 from micmac1/18.06-maria-10.1.44
      27d8c1bcc mariadb: security bump to 10.1.44
      925068d4f ddns-scripts: Change protocols of afraid.org urls to HTTPS.
      d905324e4 node-hid: fix i386 build fail
      4ac86244a node-serialport: fix i386 build fail
      1091c431d Merge pull request #11124 from stangri/18.06-https-dns-proxy
      7c667ed4e Merge pull request #11127 from micmac1/18.06-tiff
      33e31a4b3 tiff: update version to 4.1.0
      709dc04d2 tiff: patch security issues
      8da1c4110 https-dns-proxy: fix deleting server items, configurable dnsmasq settings change
      9e1fcfa6e Merge pull request #9795 from LoEE/jpc/git-macos-cross
      3219dbfd8 libsoup: fix intltool host dependency. Cleaup some build args
      c6e48ff8e avrdude: Fix GPIO path building
      ba934d1fb zerotier: add /etc/config/zerotier as configuration file
      3d47a69b0 libseccomp: add seccomp-syscalls.h to InstallDev
      c629b44d8 Merge pull request #11023 from jefferyto/golang-goarm-fix-openwrt-18.06
      4c6ac36d5 golang: Fix selection of GOARM value
      56e7ce0f9 Merge pull request #10995 from BKPepe/libseccomp-18.06
      769b3956e libseccomp: update to version 2.4.2
      36611df05 transmission: sync with master
      b0df5d336 Merge pull request #10832 from BKPepe/git-18.06
      7f96b4e2c git: Update to version 2.16.6 (security fix)
      8304a768c Merge pull request #10858 from BKPepe/wget-18.06
      3abdfbd14 lcdgrilo: Fix compilation with newer Vala
      01ddd6de1 lcdgrilo: Depend on vala/host instead
      a41b4aa0c lcdgrilo: remove check dependency
      0a00a2691 nano: update to 4.7
      1bc3375c5 Merge pull request #10889 from EricLuehrsen/unbound_196_1806
      c791ba8f5 unbound: update to 1.9.6
      8fe26c985 wget: fix CVE-2019-5953
      97de55542 git: Update to version 2.16.6 (security fix)
      51025867b git: Override uname result for cross-compilation.
      Build-tested: x86-64, ipq40xx
    • Martin Weinelt's avatar
      modules: update OpenWrt · b1cdebd6
      Martin Weinelt authored
      6ee6496d07 ramips: drop non-existant ralink,port-map for Ravpower WD03
      a7e915975f bcm63xx: mask interrupts on init
      8e2201ea50 bcm63xx: ext_intc: fix warning
      183e9843e1 bcm63xx: periph_intc: fix warning
      a9eebf69f3 bcm63xx: redboot: fix warning
      b9daff610e bcm63xx: bcm6362: fix pinctrl bug
      488751e1e5 bcm63xx: refresh kernel config
      b37a1e428a mbedtls: update to 2.16.6
      d3af501317 mbedtls: update to version 2.16.5
      15d73a26b6 libjson-c: backport security fixes
      7b49c0b48a kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.180
      5faccaf025 kernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.223
      2a9c2c0721 wireguard: bump to 1.0.20200506
      d5118bb511 wireguard: bump to 20191226
      1a30fe1621 relayd: bump to version 2020-04-25
      b65550e0db relayd: bump to version 2020-04-20
      77063bb76e umdns: update to version 2020-04-25
      b076243426 umdns: update to version 2020-04-20
      cffd5aeb69 umdns: update to the version 2020-04-05
      7ebc51a57f umdns: suppress address-of-packed-member warning
      f77708d4a5 ramips: remove unnecessary DEVICE_PACKAGES for Belkin F7C027
      2051edf381 oxnas: move service file to correct place
      1f0679f54d kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.176
      82c8170cd0 kernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.219
      489fc23535 kernel: add missing symbol for Kernel 4.14
      027950fc78 ramips: use full 8MB flash on ZyXEL Keenetic
      ad01cb514d Revert "ar71xx: use status led for GL.iNet GL-AR750S"
      c3c6cc95ee ar71xx: use status led for GL.iNet GL-AR750S
      10c04b4ca3 ar71xx: fix port order on TP-Link Archer C60 v1/v2
      983125007e ar71xx: remove wrong MAC address adjustment for Archer C60 v2
      302170d383 ar71xx: fix swapped LAN/WAN MAC address for Archer C60 v1/v2
      3ef8465cb8 ar71xx: ew-dorin, fix the trigger level for WPS button
      08ad7a314d kernel: backport out-of-memory fix for non-Ethernet devices
      e38f355569 kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.172
      4c14dbf5db kernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.215
      e884357fa9 OpenWrt v18.06.8: revert to branch defaults
      c3bd1321de OpenWrt v18.06.8: adjust config defaults
      82fbd85747 libubox: backport blobmsg_check_array() fix
      4c1779ac2c ppp: backport security fixes
      cd262f59cb Revert "ppp: backport security fixes"
      ed3c3048b8 uhttpd: update to latest Git HEAD
      fafe99b62d kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.171
      bfee12cec6 kernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.214
      cc78f934a9 ppp: backport security fixes
      05062462f1 hostapd: remove erroneous $(space) redefinition
      6b10354b3c kernel: add support for GD25D05 SPI NOR
      4eba86820f kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.169
      c236071859 kernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.212
      Build-tested: x86-64, ipq40xx
  15. 08 Mar, 2020 1 commit
  16. 04 Feb, 2020 2 commits
  17. 02 Feb, 2020 1 commit
  18. 29 Jan, 2020 1 commit
    • David Bauer's avatar
      modules: bump OpenWrt · 61d460ec
      David Bauer authored
      6bfde67581 OpenWrt v18.06.7: revert to branch defaults
      1b5c116233 OpenWrt v18.06.7: adjust config defaults
      ca47026b7d opkg: update to latest Git HEAD
      cc0a54e332 libubox: backport security patches
      ebafb746f0 lantiq: ltq-ptm: vr9: fix skb handling in ptm_hard_start_xmit()
      0591348b3d tools/expat: Update to version 2.2.9
      f51d1c3b7c mbedtls: update to 2.16.4
      153a044c95 kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.167
      c15a039e62 kernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.211
      02f9582e89 kirkwood: fix HDD LED labels for Zyxel NSA325 in 01_leds
      04474c7d22 brcm47xx: fix switch port order for Netgear WN2500RP V1
      99ab40c842 brcm47xx: fix switch port order for Netgear WNR3500 V2
      3a3ca3230f ramips: fix HiWiFi HC5962 switch configuration
      5c7225c26b kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.166
      8441794f9a kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.165
      a634830004 kernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.210
      7c42a9b6b1 kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.164
      891bba8f77 kernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.209
      ab9d1bf608 ethtool: fix PKG_CONFIG_DEPENDS
      46c2674225 OpenWrt v18.06.6: revert to branch defaults
      8004e3f2c6 OpenWrt v18.06.6: adjust config defaults
      d81a8a3e29 ramips: remove duplicate dts nodes of MediaTek LinkIt Smart 7688
      e1b62c85f5 sunxi: Turn on CONFIG_PINCTRL_SUN4I_A10 for A20
      8c6668f088 kernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.208
      455ae024d5 kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.162
      b1eeb5dd2a ramips: fix inverted reset button for Ravpower WD03
      b72b37d6ff ar71xx: really fix Mikrotik board detection
      471baf3f74 ar71xx: fix Mikrotik board detection
      336aaedc9c ar71xx: base-files: fix board detect on new MikroTik devices
      e838957ad9 ar71xx: fix RB941-2nD detection
      6b128326df kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.161
      97e9be4e3a e2fsprogs: Fix CVE-2019-5094 in libsupport
      85c4d374c2 openssl: update to version 1.0.2u
      Compile-tested: ar71xx-generic
      Runtime-tested: ar71xx-generic
  19. 06 Jan, 2020 2 commits