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WIP: Contact-Info: Allow user to share contact-info on status page

With this change we allow our node operators to publish their contact
details on the status page.
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......@@ -12,6 +12,20 @@ return function(form, uci)
local s = form:section(Section, nil, help)
local publish = s:option(Flag, "publish", translate("Publish contact info on noode-info page"))
function publish:write(data)
uci:section("parker", "owner", "owner")
uci:set("parker", "owner", "publish", data)
local owner = uci:get_first("gluon-node-info", "owner")
if data then
local contact = uci:get("parker", "owner", "contact")
uci:set("gluon-node-info", owner, "contact", contact)
uci:set("gluon-node-info", owner, "contact", "")
local o = s:option(Value, "contact", pkg_i18n.translate("Contact info"),
site_i18n._translate("gluon-config-mode:contact-note") or pkg_i18n.translate("e.g. E-mail or phone number"))
o.default = uci:get("parker", "owner", "contact")
......@@ -20,6 +34,14 @@ return function(form, uci)
function o:write(data)
uci:set("parker", "owner", "contact", data)
local owner = uci:get_first("gluon-node-info", "owner")
local publish = uci:get_bool("parker", "owner", "publish")
if publish then
uci:set("gluon-node-info", owner, "contact", data)
uci:set("gluon-node-info", owner, "contact", "")
return {'parker'}
......@@ -102,6 +102,9 @@
<dt><%:Node name%></dt><dd><%| nodeinfo.hostname %></dd>
<% if nodeinfo.owner and then -%>
<dt><%:Contact%></dt><dd><%| %></dd>
<%- end %>
<% if nodeinfo.location then -%>
<dd><a href="geo:<%| nodeinfo.location.latitude %>,<%| nodeinfo.location.longitude %>">
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