Commit 358c923e authored by chrissi^'s avatar chrissi^
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parker/tests: Use your own config

parent c954df43
fw_src: "/home/chris/http/"
fw_tftp: "/srv/tftp"
ssh_pubkey_file: "/home/chris/.ssh/"
ssh_key_file: "/home/chris/.ssh/id_rsa"
location_lat: "10.52378"
location_lon: "52.26469"
site_name: "Freifunk Braunschweig"
......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ StepReporter()
def config():
with open("test_config.yaml") as fh:
with open("parker_test_config.yaml") as fh:
config = yaml.load(fh)
return config
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