Commit 147234b4 authored by chrissi^'s avatar chrissi^
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parker: do not override ssh-key

parent 301d111c
......@@ -82,22 +82,6 @@ def test_good_config_no_contact(target, in_good_config):
def test_good_config_autoupdater_enabled(target, in_good_config):
assert_web("", 'value="1" id="id.1.1.enabled" name="id.1.1.enabled" checked="checked"')
def test_good_config_set_ssh_pubkey(target, in_good_config, config):
with open(config["ssh_pubkey_file"]) as fh:
key =
payload = {
"token": "",
"id.keys": "1",
"id.keys.1.keys": key
r ="", params=payload)
assert r.ok, "Could not place ssh key in web interface"
assert r.status_code == 200 , "Return code missmatch"
def test_generated_wg_key(target, in_good_config):
command = target.get_driver("ShellDriver")
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