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fixup! infrastructure: Remove DECT, add FTTT and PMR

Signed-off-by: chrissi^'s avatarChris Fiege <>
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<h4>FTTT - Fiber to the tent</h4>
Besides classical copper-based network Fiber to the Tent will
be available this year. By this free added-value service we will
prvide you with the usual performance of the HOA-network - but
provide you with the usual performance of the HOA network - but
with the good feeling to have finally arrived in the
To be noted on the waiting list for one of the popular Ports
write an E-Mail to <a href="" >
To be put on the waiting list for one of the contested ports
write an email to <a href="" ></a>.
There will be no DECT-service this year. For organisation we
There will be no DECT service this year. For organisation we
will use Personal Mobile Radio (PMR446). We will have ready a
few spares. If you have one by yourself: bring it.
......@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@
bekommst du die gewohnte Leistung des HOA-Netzwerkes mit dem
guten Gefühl endlich im Cyber^WFiberspace angekommen zu sein.<br>
Um dich auf die Warteliste für einen der begehrten Ports zu
setzen schreibe eine E-Mail an
setzen schreibe eine Email an
<a href=""></a>.
Es wird dieses Jahr kein DECT-Netz geben. Zur Organisation werden
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