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<title>Hacken Open Air 2::17</title>
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<h1>Hacken Open Air 2::17</h1>
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<h3>07.09 - 10.09 in Peine</h3>
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The Hacken Open Air is hacker camping at its finest. It is organized by the hackerspace <a href="">Stratum 0</a>. The location for our cozy get-together will be Peine.<br>
The Hacken Open Air is all about joint crafting, discussion and barbecue. We deliberately forgo a lecture program. Instead, we leave you free space for self-organized lectures and workshops.
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<h3>Last Minute Infos</h3>
+ 2017-09-02: We are going to make a <a href="">campfire</a> every evening.<br>
+ 2017-08-29: There will be <a href="#food">plain rolls</a> for breakfast.<br>
+ 2017-08-29: Fees for <a href="#fees">tickets on site</a> are online.<br>
+ 2017-08-29: Tips for <a href="#arrival">arrival</a>: Use the Liebigstraße.
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<h3>Arrival and Departure</h3>
The campsite opens on Wednesday afternoon.<br>
The departure must take place until Sunday afternoon.<br>
<div id="camping">
Our camp offers enough space for up to 400 people as well as tents, pavilions and decoration.<br>
It is still undecided whether we can offer car camping. In any case, there will be plenty of parking on the premises.<br>
There will be toilets and showers on the campsite.
<div id="infrastructure">
In the camp we offer you a basic electricity supply: notebooks, gadgets and colorful lights can be operated and charged. However, you should plan to bring a few meters of cable to connect your tents. It is very likely that the operation of electrically powered pizza ovens, water heaters, whirlpools or similar appliances will not be possible.<br>
On the campsite LAN and WLAN are available. We hope that we can connect our network to the Internet with sufficient bandwidth. DECT will be available for communication.
<div id="food">
There will be no central catering. Please plan to be self-sufficient<br>
Anyone who likes to prepare food for or with others is welcome: Food hacking, cooking events and workshops are encouraged.<br>
A bar with caffeinated and noncaffeinated alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks will be (at least) on the hacking-plaza. Of course, we will offer Tschunk as well.<br>
We will provide you with plain rolls, details will be available on site.
<div id="fees">
+ Presale: is closed<br>
+ On site: full-ticket: 75EUR<br>
+ On site: day-ticket: 20EUR<br>
The admittance fee for the Hacken Open Air is 65EUR per person.<br>
The price includes camping, electricity and sanitary facilities for the duration of the Hacken Open Air.<br>
Tickets are available in our <a href="">Presale</a> - together with cups and t-shirts.<br>
There will be day-tickets on sale for 20EUR on site. If you day-tickets for the remainder of the event you will get the default entry band.<br>
We will also offer full-tickets for 75EUR on site.<br>
To make this fair price possible, we depend on your help: During the Hacken Open Air we will need your support as an angel. You can find the angel system <a href="">here</a>.
<div id="arrival">
<iframe scrolling="no" src=";layer=mapnik&amp;marker=52.308695093798434%2C10.279662609100342" style="border: 1px solid black"></iframe>
<small><a href=";mlon=10.2789#map=13/52.3098/10.2789">on OpenStreetMap</a></small><br>
The Hacken Open Air takes place at the <a href="">UJZ Peine</a><br>
Around the UJZ, more than 6000m² of space is available for camping. In addition, we offer you a hacking plaza and workshop / party locations on the grounds of the UJZ. More information about the site will be provided soon.<br>
The address for your navigation devices:<br>
31224 Peine<br>
The following travel options are available:
Take the A2 to the Peine Ost exit.
Follow the K 75 south to the roundabout, take the second
exit to Ostrandstrasse. After about 1.5km
turn left onto Woltorfer Strasse.
After another 1.2km turn right into Beneckestrasse and direct left into Liebigstraße.
Take the RE 70 to Peine, then about 3.5 km footpath.
Or take a taxi.
The next major airport is Hannover (HAJ), from there take the
S-Bahn to Hannover Hbf and the RE 70 to Peine.
<div id="contact">
Email: <a href=""></a><br>
IRC: #hackenopenair @<br>
<a href="/impressum.html">Imprint</a>
<h2 id="footnote">An Event by <a href="">Stratum 0</a></h2>
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