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    <title>Hacken Open Air 2::18</title>
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        <h1>Hacken Open Air 2::18</h1>
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            <li><a href="https://tickets.hackenopenair.de">Presale</li>
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            <h3>02.08. - 05.08. 2018 in Rötgesbüttel</h3>
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        <div id="info">
            The Hacken Open Air is hacker camping at its finest. It is organized
            by the hackerspace <a href="https://stratum0.org">Stratum 0</a>.
            The location for our cozy get-together will be
            <a href="http://glockenheide.de" >Campsite Glockenheide</a> in
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            Rötgesbüttel. Just 20 km north of Brunswick.<br>
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            The Hacken Open Air is all about joint crafting, discussion and
            barbecue. We deliberately forgo a lecture program. Instead, we leave
            you free space for self-organized lectures and workshops.
            <div id="infrastructure">
                The campsite provides us with a basic electricity supply: notebooks,
                gadgets and colorful lights can be operated and charged. However,
                you should plan to bring a few meters of cable to connect your
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                This year we will be charged per kWh from the operator of the
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                campsite. Should you plan to bring your electrically powered pizza
                ovens, water heaters, whirlpools or similar appliances please contact
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                us beforehand.<br>
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                On the campsite LAN and WiFi are available. We hope that we can
                connect our network to the Internet with sufficient bandwidth.
                Probably DECT will be available for communication.
            <div id="food">
                The public breakfast last year was a success. Thus for this
                year a breakfast flatrate is included in your ticket. We will provide
                you with a extensive breakfast every morning.<br>
		            But for the rest of the day there will be no central catering.
                Please plan to be self-sufficient<br>
                Anyone who likes to prepare food for or with others is welcome:
                Food hacking, cooking events and workshops are encouraged.<br>
                A bar with caffeinated and noncaffeinated alcoholic and
                nonalcoholic drinks will be (at least) on the hacking-plaza.
                Of course, we will offer Tschunk as well.<br>
            <div id="fees">
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                The admittance fee for this years Hacken Open Air is 80 EUR per
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                person. This fee includes:
                    <dd>We hope to have enough space for everybody to place
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                        your vehicle next to your tent. Caravans and campers are
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                        welcome too. If you plan to move your vehicle during
                        the duration of the Hacken Open Air we ask you to park
                        your car outside.</dd>
                    <dd>We will serve, simliar to the Easterhegg, an extensive
                    <dd>Incuded is a piece of camping-swag: plate, cup or
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                        cutlery? We have not decided yet.</dd>
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                    <dd>The campsite is equipped with toiletts and showers that
                        we are allowed to use.
                        Also: WiFi and electricity are included.</dd>

        <div id="arrival">
            <iframe scrolling="no" src="https://www.openstreetmap.org/export/embed.html?bbox=10.000305175781252%2C52.210972768075365%2C11.01860046386719%2C52.60263050886585&amp;layer=mapnik&amp;marker=52.40723631132728%2C10.509452819824219" style="border: 1px solid black"></iframe>
            <small><a href="https://www.openstreetmap.org/?mlat=52.40723&amp;mlon=10.50945#map=13/52.40723/10.50945">on OpenStreetMap</a></small><br>
                The Hacken Open Air takes place at the
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                <a href="http://glockenheide.de">Campsite Glockenheide</a> in
                Rötgesbüttel . Just 20 km North of Brunswick.
                At the campsite, more than 6000 m² of space is available. <br>
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                The address for your navigation devices:<br>
            Glockenheide 1<br>
            38531 Rötgesbüttel<br>
            The following travel options are available:
                    Take the A2 to the interchange Braunschweig Nord. Follow
                    signs for A391 / B4 to Gifhorn and Lüneburg. In
                    Rötgesbüttel at the first traffic light turn left. Behind
                    the railway crossing head left again. You will find sings
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                    for Campingplatz Glockenheide about 50 m into the woods.
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                    Next station is Rötgesbüttel. From there it is about 2 km by
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                    The next major airport is Hannover (HAJ), from there take the
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                    train to Rötgesbüttel.
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        <div id="contact">
            Email: <a href="mailto:kontakt@hackenopenair.de">kontakt@hackenopenair.de</a><br>
            IRC: #hackenopenair @ irc.freenode.net<br>
       	    <a href="/impressum.html">Imprint</a>
        <h2 id="footnote">An Event by <a href="https://stratum0.org">Stratum 0</a></h2>