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# Assembly Language For Kids: Commodore 64
by William B. Sanders, Ph.D. San Diego State University
microscribe - Literate Microcomputer Documentation
8982 Stimson Court
San Diego, California 92129
619/484-3884 or 619/578-4588
ISBN 0-931145-00-7
© 1984 by William B. Sanders
San Diego, California
**LEARN ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE PROGRAMMING** If you'd rather be one of the
kids who writes professional quality arcade games than one who just
plays them, learn machine/assembly language programming.
**WHAT COMPUTER?** Everything in this book is for the Commo dore
64. You'll get the right information for your computer; not everyone
**WHO'S THIS BOOK FOR?** If you know BASIC and want to learn the fastest
language in programming this book is for you. (If you're an adult,
fell them you got it for your nephew in Borneo.) This is an
elementary book for learning to use assemblers and assembly/machine
language programming on your Commodore 64.
**WHICH ASSEMBLER?** Three assemblers are fully covered, and most others
for the Commodore 64 are compatible with all pro grams. Commodore's
assembler. The Commodore 64 Macro Assembler Development System, is
clearly explained with lots of examples. The Merlin assembler is
clearly explained with lots of examples. If you don't have an
assembler, there's a simple-to-learn and use listing of the Kids'
Assembler written in BASIC for you free in the book. The Kids'
Assembler assembles programs for you, and it will help you learn
about assembly/machine language programming.
* An Assembler and instructions on using the most popular Com modore
64 assemblers.
* Charts covering everything from hexadecimal - decimal conver sions
to BASIC tokens to 651O opcodes.
* Step-by-step, clear explanations and clear examples of assembly
language programming,
* Practical utility programs in assembly/machine language you can
write yourself (and understand!).
* Amazing graphics, stupendous sprites, booming sounds, blinding
speed, fame, fortune and a heck of a lot of fun.
Written by, William B. Sanders, the author of the best-selling Ele
mentary Commodore 64; you will learn assembly language more simply
than you thought possible.
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